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These three books are “two mummies” books. That is because there weren’t any good ones and there needed to be, so we made some. I believe that we should give children an honest and balanced view of the real world. You know, that real world where kids drive space ships…


It’s so much easier doing 32 drawings for a book than 3000 drawings for an animated film. And it's so much fun. Why didn't I think of that before?


Spacegirl Cover (300dpi) 001 100 mummies cover (300dpi) 001 Want Toast Cover (300dpi) 001

Spacegirl Pukes

Written by Katie Watson

Illustrated by Vanda Carter

First edition: Onlywomen Press 2005


New edition published by

Spacegirl Books Ltd 2017

If I Had A Hundred Mummies

Want Toast

Written & illustrated by Vanda Carter

Published by Onlywomen Press


 Written by Anna Wilson

Illustrated by Vanda Carter

Published by Onlywomen Press


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Where can you buy these super books?

Spacegirl Pukes is back in print, in a great second edition produced by


If you are a bookshop wanting to stock Spacegirl Pukes please contact [email protected].

Gay's The Word bookshop have stocks of the book.

You can buy the book online from Letterbox Library, who also stock a great range of other kids books representing diverse families of many kinds.

You can order Spacegirl Pukes from your local bookshop or but it online through Amazon.


Let's hope If I Had A Hundred Mummies and Want Toast will also be available again some time soon! Do we still need these books? Yes, we do!

Spacegirl Books